September 7 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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What thoughts are dominant in your mind right now?  What is distracting you?  Bring those to God now and ask Him to focus your heart to hear from you.  After you sense a focus on Him, read the passage below using your Bible Study Insert.


“As I have loved you…” — John 13:34


Today’s passage shows what it’s REALLY all about…He loves us.  GOD loves us.  

The one who formed the stars knows your heart and invites you to know Him and to be in relationship with Him.


IMAGINE what it would be like if we loved UP (as He has loved us…).  A community of Christ followers who are doing all they can to live for Jesus and have Him as the CENTRAL ORIENTATION of our lives.  He is our “one thing” our “first”.  Families coming together to dig into God’s Love Letter.  Imagine us putting ourselves in places to not only speak to Him, but hear from Him also.


IMAGINE us drinking in His love to it’s fullest extent and that overflowing love becomes the well from which we draw our love for others.  As I look to the “endless immensity” of what God has in store for us, it’s incredible!


What is God speaking to your heart about right now?  How do you need to respond? 

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