October 27-28 Encounter

Keith Schubert
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Exodus 34:4-7


When you think about God, what comes to mind?  Is your view of God based more on Hollywood or Holy Word?


Your view of who God is has profound implications for who you BECOME.  What you think about when you think about God will profoundly shape the way you live. 


If you think God is your personal bodyguard, then when something really bad happens, you’ll be gone.  If your god is “on demand”, then when your prayer doesn’t get answered the way YOU want, in the time frame YOU want it, you’ll be heading somewhere else.  If you think God is like your boyfriend/girlfriend, then the moment you no longer “feel” him, you’ll be hearing for the door.  If you believe God is all about guilt then why even bother?  You’re just going to mess up anyway.  If God is anti-science, you’ll be forced to to make a choice between the “facts” and your faith.


But what if God is really so much more?  What if He’s more loving, more powerful, more gracious, forgiving, just and true than you ever imagined?  Wouldn’t you want to know what He’s REALLY like, according to His OWN words?  


So, today, let me encourage you to do this: commit to some UNLEARNING and RELEARNING through this series.  Become more intentional about WHAT message the world is telling us about who they say “god” is and commit to UNLEARNING that.


Then, I pray you will have the willingness to come to God and say, “God, I want to know who you REALLY are. I want you to know I’m open.  I’m committed to explore, listen and learn.”


So, are you letting the world around you “squeeze” you into it’s shape or are you willing to let God fill you and form you from the inside out?


Close your time in prayer.

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