November 21 Encounter

Keith Schubert
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Distractions are everywhere.  What is distracting you right now?  Call them by name and bring them to your Heavenly Father.  Then, ask Him to focus your heart to hear His Voice.

“…in everything give thanks. For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NET)

Do you think God really means it when He says, "…in everything give thanks."?  Is He serious? 

Let’s just get real today: how is that going for you?   For most of us, it’s hard be thankful on THANKSGIVING, let alone every day!  Nevertheless, we are told this is God’s will.  So, what would it be like for us to take this “gratitude command” seriously?  

Let's just think about it one day at a time (since this moment is the only moment we can live). What would it look like to live with gratitude every day?  What would it look like to wake up with gratitude, eat with gratitude, work with gratitude and even drive with gratitude?  

You probably don’t need a lot of additional EXPLANATION with this simple command of gratitude, but you may need help with the APPLICATION.  So let’s start there: what can you do right now to live the rest of this day, from this moment on, with gratitude as your guide?  Pray about that today.

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