November 17-18

Keith Schubert
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Exodus 34:4-7 James 2:13

When it comes to mercy, you don’t have to twist God’s arm.

There is one OVERWHELMING MOMENT, when we see this truth of mercy triumphing over judgment most clearly on display.  There’s a place where we see the tension between mercy and justice finally resolved.  Where?

At the cross, when Jesus died for our sins.

You see, it’s in God’s nature to forgive (show MERCY), but it’s also in His nature to deal with sin (JUSTICE).  These two parts of God’s character — seemingly at odds for so many years — finally come together on the cross in beautiful harmony.

We sin, and our sin demands JUSTICE.   Yet, Yahweh doesn’t make you and I pay for our sin.

Please catch this.  It is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of this entire reading today—God pays for our sins, with the currency of His own blood through Jesus our Savior.

We receive MERCY, while at the same time God fulfills the demands of JUSTICE for our sins.  The cross was the Father and Son working together, to bring mercy and justice together—to absorb all the world’s sin, and the evil it creates. 

Nobody should ever accuse God of being mean.  Yes, He gets angry, but He takes that anger on HIMSELF.  This is what God is REALLY like, according to His OWN Words.

You see, the real God of the Bible, our Great God Yahweh, is so much greater than the view we are so often offered by the world around us: on-demand god, boyfriend god, bodyguard god…

The good news, the HOPE of our God, for even “third and fourth generation” people here today is this: we can break free from sin, even sin that runs back for generations.  We don’t have to repeat the mistakes of our parents and grandparents.  We can get off the hamster wheel.  We don’t have to stay stuck.

Close your time in prayer.

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