November 13 Encounter

Keith Schubert
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Did you know that your Heavenly Father can’t wait to meet with you today?  It’s true!  Spend a minute or two dwelling on that and then read the passage below using your Bible Study Insert.

Exodus 34:4-7

Let’s get right to it this morning: some things in life are just flat out UNCOMFORTABLE.  Take a moment and bring to mind those things that make you feel uncomfortable.  Is it the dentist, going to the doctor or maybe even conflict with another person?  Maybe it’s difficult texts like today’s where God talks about punishing kids for their parents & grandparents mistakes.

This part of Yahweh’s self-disclosure can be very confusing and even shocking.  I’m a firm believer in the fact that when we get to something we don’t like in the Bible, we DEAL with it.  We question, probe, study, wrestle and maybe even argue about it.  But in the end, hopefully we say YES to it.  Even if the pill is hard to swallow.

This week as we dig into this difficult text and topic, I have a challenge for you: would you be willing to say to God in prayer today, “Lord, even though I don’t always understand, I’m going to trust what you tell me.”  Spend some time in prayer today with that statement leading you.

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