June 30-July 1 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Read: Joshua 14:7-11


Here’s the truth: everyone has problems. You don’t have a choice in that.  But you do have a choice in something much more important.  You can choose to embrace the problems in the light of the promise of God and live from a perspective like Caleb did.


Everyone saw the same thing but only he and Joshua had the faith to BELIEVE that God was bigger than the giants before them.


My favorite part of Caleb’s story comes a book later.  In Joshua 14, we see God’s provision for Caleb.


He was as strong now as when he first BELIEVED the promise of God.  Not a day was wasted.


And if you find yourself in a desert because of the choices others have made I believe God will restore your strength and youth just like He did for Caleb.  In the meantime, while you are wandering, you commit to go in HIS strength, not your own.


Ten said “no” but Joshua and Caleb said, “yes!”


Isn’t that about how it works many times in life?  It’s about a 5 to 1 ratio often times of people who doubt, belittle, say you can’t.  Ten continually talk about problems, only two about God’s promises.  Ten talk about giants, only two about God’s power to overcome them.


We all have problems.  Every one of us does.  But we also have a choice of HOW we will see them.


Who’s strength are you going in?  Who’s perspective are you seeing your problems through?


I hope you see GOD in every problem.  I pray that you will have the faith to boldly say like Caleb did, “My problems are big, but my God is bigger.”




Close your time in prayer.

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