June 16-17 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Read: 2 Corinthians 12:8-10


The truth is, we all have a “limp” don’t we?  I have my wounds you have yours. 


We spend YEARS begging God to take them away. The pain from that breakup. The heartache from that loss. The struggle to believe in our identity with God. Relying on Him for our needs after the big financial crash. The pain of learning to TRUST Him with our kids after they’ve fallen.


We walk with those “limps”, with the wounds, and we get so ANGRY with God.


But we so often forget, the wounds that remain are the wounds of grace. The wounds are the wounds of a friend. They’re the wounds from someone who’s trying to do an intervention on you to help you grow, develop, mature. The wounds are intended to pull you out of your denial.


The limp God gave Jacob was a sign of grace. Why was it a sign of grace?  Because it was so much less than he deserved and Jacob never would have woke up without it. 


This limp marks the change in Jacob’s life.


Suddenly, he’s no longer Jacob, He’s ISRAEL. You are no longer Jacob the deceiver.  

You are ISRAEL — one who wrestles with God and won. You won because you received ME.  I am your great reward.  You have recognized that.  


Jacob walked with a limp the rest of his life, but he also won something so much greater: a new name, a new identity, a greater blessing than just the “things” around him. He grew deeper with the Blesser Himself.


Some of you have spent so much of your life in the same place as “pre-wrestling” Jacob. God’s a means to an end.  A “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” relationship.  For others of you, you’re still bitter about the limp or that heartache God allowed.


But what if today Jacob/Israel’s story challenged you to look at things in a different way?  What if those “wounds” were opportunities to find what you’ve REALLY been looking for: HIM.


He is the reward you are really seeking.  He’s what you’re really after.


Close your time in prayer.

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