June 12 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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How’s your heart this morning?  Are you dealing with any stresses or burdens?  Start your time today bringing them to your Heavenly Father, then, read the passage below using your Bible Study Insert.


Genesis 25:27-28


What’s your FULL name?  Were you named after someone?  Do you know what your name means?  What does your name say about you?   


In today’s passage, we hear of the birth of Jacob, who’s name means “deceiver”.  That’s not a real great start to life is it?  But as you read his story later in the book of Genesis, you find his name fits his personality pretty well.  Even though Jacob is manipulative, sneaky and downright cruel sometimes, God has a plan for his life. Others may see Jacob as nothing more than a deceiver, but to God, He’s about to change all of that. 


What is God up to in your life right now?  What are you hoping and praying for?  What do you need to talk to Him about today? 

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