July 7-8 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Read: Joshua 3:14-17


I want you to imagine something for a moment. 


I want you to imagine that in this scenario you’ve just read about in the passages above, nobody in Israel was willing to get their feet wet. Imagine everybody in that whole country said to God, “You part the water first. Make it safe, then I’ll get in.” 


Where would they be? They’d be sitting on the banks of the Jordan—no promised land, no miracles, no community, no prophets, no adventure with God. 


Just day after day, year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation, sitting on the banks of the river, waiting for something to happen. 


Let me tell you, some of you have been sitting on the banks of the Jordan way too long. 


Some of you maybe used to get into the river on a regular basis, but somewhere along the line, you just got kind of comfortable sitting on the bank. 


It may feel pretty safe there, but I want to tell you something: that Jordan is where God is. God’s power is available to people who are willing to take the first step and trust him and take a spiritual risk. 


And if you’ll take that first step I believe you’ll experience the same thing that Joshua did.  You’ll experience for yourself the promise of God come true for you:


“…the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” — Joshua 1:9


Joshua, you and I, can all be strong and courageous because God is with us.


So, let’s make this season, between now and Labor Day a season of spiritual risk-taking. Reflect on that.  Think about what God is calling you to step into.




Close your time in prayer.

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