July 3 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Did you know that your Heavenly Father can’t wait to meet with you today?  It’s true!  Spend a minute or two dwelling on that and then read the passage below using your Bible Study Insert. 


Joshua 1:1-9


In our passage today we see a particular command repeated over and over: “Be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:6, 7 & 9). Pause for a moment and think about those times in your life when you were really courageous.  What’s one of the more COURAGEOUS things you’ve ever done?  Maybe you went bungee jumping or sky diving, did some public speaking or spoke a hard truth to a friend.


Let me ask one more question: when’s the last time you showed great courage to do something God called you to do?  Maybe it was to tithe, serve or call a pastor for help.  How courageous have you been for HIM lately?


As you prepare to pray, what do you sense Him speaking to you right now?  How is He calling you to respond?

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