July 20 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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How’s your heart this morning?  Are you ready to hear from Him? When you are, read the devotional below.


Judges 6:11-16


In God’s eyes, Gideon is a mighty warrior.  If we could really GRASP this, and see US the way God sees us, how different our lives would be.


Gideon, you ARE a mighty warrior!  But Gideon’s main issue is, who is he going to believe?

Is he going to believe his estimation of himself or God’s?


For some of you this is exactly where you are.  You’ve lost sight of who you are.  You’ve abandoned what God wants to do in your life.  You’ve forgotten the God of your childhood.  You forgotten the answers to prayer He has given you.


The question you need to contend with is the same one Gideon had to contend with: who are you going to believe?  Are you going to believe your estimation of yourself or God’s?


As you prepare to pray, what do you sense Him speaking to you right now?  How is He calling you to respond?

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