July 17 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10).  Today, still your heart to hear from Him.  When you are feeling “stilled”, read the devotion below.


Judges 6:11-12


The power of our words is so evident in moments like the one we see in today’s passage.   An angel of the Lord appears to Gideon and says, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”  (Judges 6:12).  Gideon’s probably looking around thinking, “who you talking to?!”   This is an interesting greeting because Gideon is “threshing wheat in a winepress” (Judges 6:11).  This is important because threshing wheat is supposed to be done on ground level where there’s wind because you would throw the wheat up and the chaff would be blown away by the wind and the good parts of the wheat would fall back down.  But Gideon is so scared he chooses to hide in the winepress.  A mighty warrior HIDING from his enemies?   Doesn’t seem like “mighty warrior” behavior does it?  That just goes to show you God doesn’t see things the way we often do.  


How are you seeing yourself today?  How would you describe yourself?  Do you think God would agree with your self-assessment?  What do you sense Him speaking to you right now?

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