August 28 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Did you know that your Heavenly Father can’t wait to meet with you today?  It’s true!  Spend a minute or two dwelling on that and then read the passage below using your Bible Study Insert. 


Luke 7:36-50


It’s easy for us to read passages like the one today and think, “what an interesting story!” But what you just read is more than just a story.  It’s a retelling of an actual event.  This REALLY happened!  This is a first hand account, not a story someone made up.  There really was an encounter between a “notoriously sinful” woman, a squeaky clean and especially moral man, and Jesus.


So I’d like you to imagine with me this story taking place today.  That WE are active participants in this story. If you were a character in this story, which character would you be?  How would you respond to the woman entering Simon’s home?  How would you look at her?  How would you look at Jesus?  How would you respond to these events taking place?


What is God speaking to you about right now?  Is there something He’s calling you to do?   Spend time listening for His Voice and respond with obedience and surrender.

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