August 25-26 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Read: 1 Peter 2:1-3


At our church, we want to help you discover AND TAKE your next, best step.  As a matter of fact, our Church is at it’s best when it helps people take their next, best step in this “full experience of salvation” (1 Peter 2:2-3)


Allow me to break this down to ONE application and ask you this: What’s your Next Step?  Your next step is not necessarily the mine, but EVERYONE has a next step!


So again, what’s your next step?   Not 20 years down the road, right now.  What’s that next best step towards Him?  Sometimes we get so discouraged because we look towards tomorrow or next week or next month and we forget “this is the day, the moment that God has given you.”


For some of you, your tomorrowland journey begins by just coming back to church next week!   For many of you, your next step is connecting with other tomorrowland travelers (join a “love others” group!).  For others of you your next step is to Love OUT and leverage those God-given gifts and abilities here and outside these walls to show Jesus Christ.


For others of you, you’re ready to make the greatest decision of your life.  You’re ready to pray, “Heavenly Father, I believe that when Jesus died, He died for me.  Please forgive me. I commit my life to you.  I turn from the wrongs I have done and commit my life to following you.”


If you’re still a little confused about what that “next step” is that God wants you to take, I have confidence He’ll reveal it to you if you’ll pray, “Heavenly Father, what next step do you want me to take to draw closer to You?”


Our church is at it’s best when it helps people take their next, best step toward Christ. That’s our TOMORROWLAND.  Your next step, whatever it may be, may not be easy.  And there will be things that will come up that try to keep you from taking it, but don’t give up!  


Take that leap of faith, take that next step.  Why?  Because it’s worth it.  It’s STILL worth it…



Close your time in prayer.

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