August 23 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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God is here with you right now.  He is already at work in your life (John 5:17).  Is your heart ready to receive?  Spend time preparing your heart to hear from Him.  Then, read the passage below using your Inductive Bible Study Insert:


“…crave pure spiritual milk…” — 1 Peter 2:2


In our passage today, God tells us what to crave: “pure spiritual milk”.  But it’s not “literal milk” here.  As is so often the case, this phrase is packed with meaning.  Often in Peter’s day, many beverages were watered down and very diluted.  So when Peter says “crave pure spiritual milk” this was a way of saying “go for the good stuff, not the watered down dishwater. Get the good stuff.  It’s HIM that you’re really after.   Make JESUS and HIS Will for your life your pursuit, the thing that you crave.” 


What is God speaking to your heart about right now?  What is He calling you to do?  What step is He prompting you to take?

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