August 21 Spiritual Adventure Plan

Keith Schubert
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Before you begin, take 5 deep breaths.  Those are all gifts from God.  Thank Him for this day and this time with Him.  Then, read the passage below using your Inductive Bible Study Insert:


Matthew 28:19-20


What do you think the future is going to be like?  What do you think the future holds for your job?  Family?  Friends?  What about your church?  


We won’t take our cues for the future from Time magazine or Walt Disney, but someone much greater — Jesus Christ.  Much more important than what society or even what WE want or believe our church’s future will be like is what JESUS desires our church to look like.  Jesus was abundantly clear what He wanted His people and His church to be doing in the future.   This is the future he wanted to see us building towards:  “…go and make disciples…” (Matt. 28:19).  Jesus told us, His church, that our TOMORROWLAND focused on making Christlike Disciples who

Love UP, IN and OUT.


What is God speaking to you about right now?  Is there something He’s calling you to do?   Spend time listening for His Voice and respond with obedience and surrender.

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