Our Vision

At Glendale Nazarene Church, we are passionate about one thing: to be the most loving place in town. You see, Jesus said that the whole world will recognize that we are His followers by the love we have.  And we want to do all we can to share His love with all those we encounter. As we live out His call to love, we believe something remarkable happens: we believe that people will be undeniably changed by His unconditional love.

Our Mission

At our church we desire to make Christlike disciples who love UP through a growing, personal relationship with God.
Have you responded to His invitation?
At our church we desire to make Christlike disciples who love IN by connecting in relationships with fellow believers.
How connected are you?
At our church we desire to make Christlike disciples who love OUT by passionately serving the needs of others, even when it hurts.
Are you putting your skills to good use for others in need?
If we break it down to its simplest form, we desire everyone we minister to, to “Love UP, Love IN, and Love OUT.”

Core Values

We believe in one God, the Creator of all things, who reveals Himself as Father, Son, and Spirit.
We believe in Jesus Christ, who is fully God and fully man at the same time, who became like us to bring about our salvation.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is active in the world, bringing us to salvation.
We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, giving us all we need to know about how to be saved.
We believe that we are all sinners by both nature and act and need God's forgiveness.
We believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross and that, by personally believing and accepting that He died to pay for our sins, we can be restored in a right relation to God.

We believe that God has enabled us to turn to Him from sin but that He has not forced us to do so. We believe that each person must admit they have sinned, repent, turn away from his sins, and trust Christ to accept Him.

We believe that when we turn from sin and trust in Christ our record of sin is wiped away, and we are given new life, therefore becoming part of God's family.

We believe that after receiving this new life in Christ, we need the fullness of God's Spirit in our hearts. (Sanctification) When we make a complete commitment to Him, He cleanses our spirit, fills us with His perfect love, and gives us the power to live victoriously.
We believe the Church is the Body of Christ in the world today. It is called together by the Holy Spirit, through the Word, for the purpose of fulfilling God's plan for the world until Christ returns.
We believe in baptism as an outward sign of an inward belief in Jesus and urge people to be baptized as Christians.
We believe in the Lord's supper (communion or eucharist) as a means of grace and encourage believers to participate in the taking of the bread (body) and cup (blood) of Jesus in remembrance of His death for us.
We believe God can heal. We pray for healing. We also believe that God can work through medical science.
We believe that Jesus is coming again.
We believe that everyone will face the judgment of God with its rewards and punishments.

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