What We Do

Whether you're feeding the homeless or teaching a kid's Sunday school class, we want you to know that your involvement matters! Your service really does make a difference. 

The ministries below are some of the ones we'd love for you to be a part of. If you're interested in finding out more about any of these ministries, please sign up below and we'll get you connected to the right people!

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Caravans "Love Others" Group: Connect with kids from 2yrs to 6th grade on Wednesday nights, teaching them how to live a life in the image of Christ and experience community with each other.

Children's Worker: There are amazing opportunities to work with kids as a teacher or teacher's helper for Kidz, early childhood or school age classes.

Nursery Worker: Reach our and show God's love to the youngest of His children, babies 0-23 months. Many time slots are available.

(**All those desiring to work with kids will need to complete a background check**)

The Barnabas Group

If you like to encourage others, then this may be the ministry for you! Our Barnabas group writes encouraging notes to those who are in the hospital, home-bound, dealing with a loss of a family member or just those who need a word of encouragement.

Women's Ministry/Funeral/Dinners

Do you have a servant's heart and hands for those that have lost a loved one? Then you can help prepare a meal for the family after the memorial or funeral service..

Volunteer for a Better Glendale

This is a community service group that offers many opportunities to help serve our community, from painting a house to feeding those in need.


Are you good with people? Do you like to get to know those who are new to our church? If so, then why not join our follow-up team? We deliver gifts to first time guests and help make their visit to our church one that is unforgettable.

Calling All Angels

"Calling All Angels" is a way for the Glendale Nazarene Church family to match up member needs with member resources. All requests and all offers to assist are kept confidential.

Guest Relations

If you love people, then this is the ministry for you! Our guest relations ministry team greets newcomers with a warm handshake and offers friendly information that is needed. There are many ways to get involved with guest relations, including picking up people in the parking lot with the golf cart and ushering them to the front door, being a greeter, working at the guest relations center or by being a parking lot assistant.


One of our "tastiest" ministries in the church is our kitchen team. Where else can you serve God by providing delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee? So what are you waiting for? Jump on in!

Lawn Care

Do you have a green thumb? We'd love to have you on board the Lawn Care Team. Each week, you can serve God by helping us keep the church grounds looking beautiful by mowing, weeding, trimming and general lawn maintenance.

"Love Others" Group Leader

As you will often hear at our campus, church is more than just a service. It's about community. And the best way to experience community at our church is through our "love others" groups. The only way for those to exist is by having leaders who are willing to lead them. So, do you love God? Do you love others? Are you willing to be trained in the art of "love others" group leading? If you said yes to those 3 things, then this may be the ministry for you!


Every church needs a good handyman (or woman!). Are you up for the job? Let us know! We'd love to have your help with small maintenance & repair jobs around the church.

Office Help

"Hello, Glendale Church of the Nazarene." I can tell you said that greeting with style! So if you're not allergic to the taste of envelope glue, if you don't fear paper cuts, if you don't mind hearing some cheesy jokes from the pastor, then office help may be the right serve team ministry for you!

Office I.T.

Do you have experience with I.T.? If so, you could serve our church by helping our office stay efficient and on task with technology.


Being an usher means a whole lot more than just passing the offering plate. Ushering is a "front line" ministry that helps people find the various areas of the church (children's wing, kitchen, restrooms, etc...). So if you're not directionally challenged and you enjoy helping others find their way, then this may just be the right ministry fit for you.


Do you love watching good movies? Then why not help us produce them here at GNAZ? We're always looking for capable people to help us produce high quality videos. Let us know if you fit the bill! Serve our church by filming the services, editing footage, and posting the final product on our website! The editing is minor and simple. You don't need experience in video editing.


It's like being a door to door salesman without all the door slams in the face, if you like to visit others, then this is the ministry for you. You'll be able to encourage the sick, pray with the needy and be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever you go.


Do you know what Ram is (and we're not talking about the animal...)? Then you may be just the person we're looking for concerning our online presence! We're quickly becoming a "mobile" society and we want to have a professional and completely relevant web presence to bring the Gospel to our world.

Worship Arts

Our worship arts ministry includes all the elements of our service each Sunday: computer, drama, lighting, praise band, praise choir, audio/visual system. If you'd like to serve in any of those capacities, please let us know! (Computer, Drama/Lighting, Praise Band, Praise Choir)

Youth/Young Adults

Teens: Serving our youth is all about mentorship! We are looking for any age of Adults that are walking with Christ in their own personal lives & would commit to mentoring our youth. (**All those desiring to work with our teens will need to complete a background check**)

Young Adults: Serve our Young Adults by teaching Sunday School, providing mentorship and attending our young adult activities.