Love God Others World - small

Our Vision & Mission

At Glendale Nazarene Church, we are passionate about one thing: to be the most loving* place in town (*as Jesus defined love - filled with grace and truth).

You see, Jesus said that the whole world will recognize that we are His followers by the love we have.  And we want to do all we can to share His love with all those we encounter.

As we live out His call to love, we believe something remarkable happens: we believe that people will be undeniably changed by His unconditional love (our mission).

So, how can we see people undeniably changed by the unconditional love of Jesus?  

Step 1:

Love God through a growing, personal relationship with Him.

This is the starting point to seeing people undeniably changed by the unconditional love of Jesus. Jesus, Himself, said that loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength was the most important thing you can do (Matthew 22).

Step 2:

Love others by connecting in meaningful relationships with fellow believers.

Jesus’ command was to “make disciples”, (Matthew 28:19-20) and our belief is that discipleship happens most naturally in the context of meaningful relationships

Step 3:

Love the world by passionately serving the needs of others, even when it hurts.

We cannot love like Jesus if we will not serve like Jesus.


If we break it down to its simplest form, we desire everyone we minister to, to “love God, love others, and love the world.”