Get Connected

Church is more than a service. It's people living life together and helping one another. Each week, our people meet in small communities to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, and live. We call these “Love Others” Groups—and they're the heart of our church. They’re a way for our large church to shrink down into smaller, more personal groups that provide the best opportunity to find the connection and relationship you’re looking for.




STARTING POINT – Led by Pastor Chad & Pastor Keith at 12:30pm in Guest Reception Room (Rm 118)

This group will focus on getting you familiar with our church 3 main goals, along with our church beliefs and core values. Come join us during this four-week course where we will learn about our church and each other. Lunch will be provided along with childcare!  Starts Sept 10th - October 1st 2017.

THE BOOK OF REVELATION – Led by Roy & Claudia Achmoody at 9:30am in the Counseling Office

Join us Sunday mornings for vivid imagery and striking symbolism. Revelation is a book of Warning, Hope, Present and the Future. Starts Sept 10, 2017

BOOKS OF THE BIBLE: JONAH – Led by Jim Sheire at 9:30am in the Conference Room (Rm 138)

Come join us as we journey through the book of Jonah. Starts Sept 10, 2017

AMBASSADOR CLASS - Led by Pastor Paul Magnuson at 11:00am in Room 144

Young at heart adults discover what it means to be holy people in today’s world. Connect with people who worship & pray with their Bibles open and their hearts ready to receive what God has planned for them. A Bible based fellowship “love others” group that supports one another in fellowship and prayer. Ongoing class.

YOUNG COUPLES GROUP - Led by Pastor Geoff & Kim Roediger at 4:00pm in their home

Join other married couples as we learn how the Gospel relates to every aspect of our marriage by tracing core issues to their source and seeking Jesus as the answer to every question. This group will meet twice a month. Contact the church office for info if you are interested in attending. Starts Sept 10 - Nov 19th, 2017.

JIM SHEIRE HOME GROUP - this rotation group meets twice a month at 6:00pm

Feel free to bring something to snack on with the Group. If you are interested in attending, contact the church office for info. Starts Sept 10th, 2017.

YOUTH "LOVE OTHERS GROUP" (7th - 12th Grade) - Led by Pastor Jeff & Jana Gee at 9:30am in Pastor Jeff's Office (Rm 130)

In our youth "Love Others" group, we get to share how our week has been and pray for each other. We apply God’s Word and His Truth about faith, the church, and growing to be more like Him! Come and join us. Ongoing

ZOOMING IN ON FAITH & FAMILY - Led by Jon & Angela Rickey at 8:30pm

This LOG is a virtual group that is meant to be a fast and easy way to way together in fellowship with other families just like you. We will meet each Sunday evening at 8:30pm through our virtual app "Zoom" where we will discuss short parenting articles by "Focus on the Family”. Starts Sept 10th- Nov 5th, 2017


MEN'S MORNING BIBLE STUDY – Led by Judson Scott at 6:30am in Guest Reception Room 118

This men’s Bible study group is going through the Old Testament. Ongoing Group


FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY – Led by Pastor Gary Spruill at 6:30pm in Guest Reception Room (Rm 118)

Do you want to start winning with money? God has a plan for you to just that! Learn the step-by-step plan to take control of your money and your future. The cost for the course is $96, but don’t let money be the reason you don’t come, as we have scholarships available for anyone who wants to attend. The FPU class will change your life. Starts Sept 12th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

MEN'S BIBLE STUDY: 1st & 2nd Samuel – Led by Jon Enright & Chad Moler at 6:30pm in the Orange Room (Rm 140)

Come join us as we study how God directed and implemented the kingship of Israel. We will be looking at the life of Saul and David and how God was present in their lives despite their circumstances, and how he strives to be present in our lives as well. Sept 12th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

MEN'S CHRIST CENTERED FITNESS – Led by Personal Trainer Ron Lobitz & Pastor Keith Schubert at 6:30pm in Room 144

Hey all you manly men! Join us each Tuesday from 6:30-8ish for some great exercise, fellowship and conversation based on God's Word. Whether you're "ripped" or a novice when it comes to physical fitness, you are invited! Starts Sept 12th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

WOMEN'S CHRIST CENTERED FITNESS - Led by Cybill Jacob at 6:15pm in Red & Blue Rooms (Rms 142 & 143)

Christ-centered fitness is a great way to get in shape and practice intentional living through Christ-centered yoga and circuit training. Focus on scripture and inspirational music will be the focus of our sessions. Align your mind, body and spirit as you grow closer to Him on and off your mat. Starts Sept 12th, 2017. Childcare is provided.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT FAMILY GROUP – Led by Jeff & Megan Parsons and Alan & Melanie Ketterling at 6:30pm in Room 144

This group is for parents to attend while your children are having a blast in our G-Kidz classes! Come join us as we gather together to review questions from the sermon on Sunday in an open discussion format. Starts Sept 13th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

BEADS OF REFLECTION – Led by Anita Depetris & Cecily Lewis at 6:30pm in the Guest Reception Room (Rm 118)

This group will be going through a Devotional Study, followed by a fun time of beading jewelry. Bring your supplies and share some ideas. This is a 8-week study. Starts Sept 13th-Nov 1st, 2017. Childcare is provided.

SPRUILL HOME GROUP – Led by Pastor Gary & Tammy Spruill at 6:30pm in the home

The book of James is full of practical wisdom for everyday living. This study will take a close look at how our faith is worked out in everyday life by understanding the principles of godly wisdom. Starts Sept 13th, 2017. Contact the church for location.

KID'S CARAVAN SCOUTING - Led by Charles Stumbaugh & Caravan teachers at 6:30pm in Red Room (Rm 143)

Caravans is a faith based scouting program for children Kinder-6th. It teaches kids life skills wrapped in our Christian values. Starts Sept 13th, 2017.


COLLEGE/YOUNG ADULT GROUP – Led by Pastor Jeff Gee at 6:30pm in the Teen Place

Are you a young adult starting to navigate through life? Do you want to join others who are on the same journey as you? Come join us in a relaxed environment where you will find the topics we discuss are relevant to your life. Feel free to come as you are. Ongoing

UNINVITED WOMEN'S BOOK STUDY – Led by Karen Powell at 6:00pm in the Guest Reception Room (Rm 118)

Have you ever felt left out, lonely or less than? Rejection can be a tough thing to overcome. Join us in this 6 session study to learn how to LIVE LOVED like God intended us to. It is amazing the freedom available to us when we realize that nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ! Starts Sept 14th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN CRAFTING ADVENTURE – Led by Beccie Schillerstrom & Jan Carden at 6:00pm in the Green Room (Rm 141)

Looking to learn how to quilt, or have a project you have been trying to work on? Whether you are want to quilt, sew, knit, crochet, beading, or something else, you are welcome Starts Sept 14th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

THE BOOK OF REVELATION - Led by Roy & Claudia Achmoody at 6:30pm in their home

Vivid imagery and striking symbolism are just some of the challenges in this study. Revelation is a book of Warning, Hope, Present and the Future. Contact church office for address. Starts Sept 14th, 2017


WOMEN'S SATURDAY BRUNCH BUNCH – Led by Jayna Watts & Erin Moler at 10:30am in the Guest Reception Room (Rm 118)

Ladies, come be a part of our "Brunch Bunch" as we learn how to live life together as sisters in Christ. We will meet in the Guest Relations room 118 right by the children's area. Bring your favorite "brunch" item to share. Led by Jayna Watts and Erin Moler. Meets every other Saturday. Starts Sept 9th - Nov 18th, 2017. Childcare is provided.

THE WORD AND SERVE – Led by Brett & Stephanie Misplay at 8:00am off location

This group will focus on learning Scripture and meeting the needs of our communities through providing lunches for the homeless and serving them directly with a smile, encouraging word, and prayer. Join us in helping to make an impact on our community by sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed. Contact church for location. Starts Sept 16th, 2017.